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Business Lunch

Your choice of Chicken Curry or Eggplant Curry   
Served with Rice, Moong Salad, Pickle, Chana Dal & Makhana

Moksa, to be
& set free..

Awakening from an endless cycle of Westernized Indian Restaurants to an idea - that maybe it doesn't have to be like this, that maybe it can be different here.
The time has come for change. Through our actions we present recipes that tell a story, introducing you to the people, the culture and the cuisine. The end goal, establishing a new level of understanding, respect and love for all things India.

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The chef, Zed,
a Canadian with Punjabi Heritage,
cooking in Berlin

Born and fostered into the community of Punjabis and Sikhs of western Canada, nourished by the food and values of the multicultural families. This established a passion for knowledge about all things food, which brought about an education in Culinary Arts, Food Science and Business Management. Following with a stay in India, working and learning as a Chef, then off to Berlin.. to begin the Path.

The pantry, like stepping through the closet and entering Narnia

Within India and the neighboring countries lies diversity of ecosystems yielding a massive variety of ingredients, many unknown to the outside world or simply forgotten over time. Massive effort goes into sourcing these ingredients from India at the finest quality, also here locally from farms and hunters. In conclusion, all ingredients we use must be able to tell a story of their very own.

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The recipes, like
the formation of scientific equations of a mad scientist

They are alive, the recipes, like living beings, constantly changing and evolving. What you may have had yesterday, will not be the same tomorrow, it might not even be there at all but rather something new completely. With the intention to grow from the acquired knowledge and experience of practice, so that the guests may be presented with an improved product and overall better experience.

Oh No! It's
& ePayments

Years ahead of its time. Some will be furious, some will be accepting while others embrace the way it works here. This is not your typical restaurant. No more paper menus, no more cash. You order and pay over your smartphone as you would at home when ordering for delivery. Why this? Because it helps to balance a business caught in a disastrous, ruinous time. So come in with patience.

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Looking for
a catering?
or a vendor
for an event?

When you find yourself in a situation where you will have guests that require food or drink, then think Moksa. There are endless possibilities for solutions be it a packed lunch for the office crew, a streetfood stand at a festival or if you would simply like to have the entire bricks & mortar to yourself for the evening. Make contact, fast and easy, hit the green Whatsapp button to the bottom right.


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